Monday, November 14, 2011

Pudding feet

Trying to stay motivated today was like trudging through pudding. I was making forward progress but not very enthusiastically. As usual I procrastinated on a task so I had no choice but to force myself to get it done today. My mind was focused but my body was wrestling it to submit to the power of the couch. Alas I was triumphant! I know some things need to bone to set an example for my kids, or to prevent that extra ten pounds, or even just to hide the fact I feel so bad from everyone. Some days its easy, some days it's hard and I am resentful. Then there are days where I get nothing done at all. I am still trying to give myself the okay to have those days now and then that it's okay to do nothing and just take advantage of the physical down time. But my ADD is always preventing me from getting mental down time, therefore I never, ever feel as if I have rested. EVER!!!! So today I have pudding feet, but my mind is sharp. Let's see what tomorrow brings.contemplating on a purchase, link below, but on the fence. I did buy a "yoga for back care" and it was great so nat all these excercise DVDs are a gimmick. will update if I do it, good or bad outcome.

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