Friday, August 17, 2012

Bikram (Hot) Yoga for Fibro A+

                                                          Okay so I went to my first Bikram Yoga class. The actual poses were not that hard, I was even a little surprised. I always seem to underestimate what I can do on an average day. There were few near the end when I said "Ha, yeah right?!" But anyway, it was hot. That's the point right? I figure if Im supposed to sweat, stretch, and relax..this has it all. (Plus I got a Groupon for a place 5 miles away! That helps) It was great when I was in there most of the time but again, by the end I thought I might pass out so I skipped one pose laying in Savasana, did the next, skipped the next. I did that for the last 6 poses. It is 90 minutes long. 90 long minutes!  I feel an hour would be long enough, but I know you need that time to get through the poses. But I made it through, and was so proud of myself. Car ride home, another story. Talk about nausea!! I thought "oh my god what the hell, I'm never doing that again!" Thankfully it passed. I said okay, great. "when can I go back?"  I ate breakfast as this was an 8 a.m. class and they tell you not to eat before, took a shower, then preceded to run completely and utterly out of gas! I had to lay down I was so tired. Then I was dead. I didn't move but to roll over for about 3 hours...Is this normal? I don't know. I asked a friend who does it and she said she has to come home and take a nap. So maybe this is normal, even if not for everyone, for some.
                                                   I googled Yoga for fibro many times before, and I do yoga at home but the added heat and new poses was something I had to google again after I was able to walk and there are a ton of sites with info for Bikram specifically being helpful. So IF YOU CAN TAKE THE HEAT, I suggest to try it. Don't let the reviews that say you need to be fit and tell you how strenuous it is scare you. Just do what you can, stay to the back of room and watch what everyone else is soing, and try your best. The class has newbies and experts, as does LIFE! The more you try the better you feel, the better you feel, the more you do..(Oh and bring a banana)! My next experiment is to take a class at 7 p.m. and see if after that  shower I may get a real good nights sleep since that class was the only thing that put me in a coma that didn't involve an intense amount of PAIN and mental shut down.


  1. I can do yoga... on my Wii. For about twenty mintutes on days when I don't have an acute migraine, but no way would I be able to do the hot yoga. I know some friends who want to try it, but I wouldn't be able to do it for that long, I pass out in heat, I also have the nausea issue but more quick and dramatic and then there is the migraine trigger. But I have nothing but good things to say about doing yoga for FM, it hurts but I like the way it eases the tension from my muscles over time so they do not feel so tight. It is also about the only thing I can tolerate with chronic migraines.

  2. You're right about how it eases tension in the muscles. Nothing else so far has seem to be able to do that good enough, and man...are they tight! I only get migraines occasionally but I used to have them all the time. For me even though they're medical they did get better when I eliminated chocolate and upped my water intake. I did also try a peppermint stick (like a little mini roll of deodorant)and you roll it on your temples, the aroma helped lessened the pain. Yoga on the Wii is pretty great too! It's great you are doing what you can when you can. It is helpful, even when it hurts.Keep it up!!

  3. hot yoga is also helpful to remove tension, you are right....