Tuesday, February 19, 2013

I'm not just tired, I'm "Fired"~Fibro-Tired

Tired of the backache
Tired of the heating pad
Tired of  silencing my moans getting up off the couch
Tired of pulled muscles
Tired of ringing in my ears
Tired of muscle stiffness
Tired of popping pills
Tired of neck pain
Tired of complaining
Tired of forgetting where I was going
Tired of feeling weak
Tired of simple chores taking hours and days
Tired of  not being able to focus
Tired of  not being able to sleep
Tired of  not being able to wake up
Tired of explaining
Tired of simple tasks causing pain that lasts for days
Tired of  the headache
Tired of  the burning
Tired of cancelling plans
Tired of the doctors office
Tired of  the muscle spasms
Tired of   forgetting what I was saying
Tired of  moving
Tired of  of staying still
Tired of  feeling guilty
Tired of  having to be strong
Tired of the vision problems
Tired of walking like an 150 old person
Tired of the anxiety
Tired of ALL the pain
Tired of being Fired


  1. I love the poem. I absolutely agree with you. I sware its so irratating when I feel my family just DOESNT GET IT NOR TRY TO UNDERSTAND IT. you know if you don't look sick your ok!!! Grrrrrrrrr lol

  2. I stumbled upon you site when I was making a comment on another site for fibromyalgia. I like this site. I lived with all the pain you have listed above for so many years. With no relief. No matter what doctor I seen, what test I had, nothing was being found. My family is real supportive, their biggest question is how do you do it. I got so tired of being in pain, crying, being depressed all the time. One day I was introduced to a liquid dietary supplement. What a relief. Thanks for the site Kim

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