Sunday, November 10, 2013

AcuMed Magnetic Patches

I do not recommend products lightly. I have used these as well as friends and my husband and we all feel the same, that they are helpful. They are a great alternative to popping more advil or tylenol. They give varying degrees of relief and can decrease pain which can also help restore some range of movement. They have been particularly beneficial to me after a race, or during a flare. Sometimes it takes 2, a few hours and other times it takes 4 an entire day depending on my pain level, but they have yet to disappoint me. With that said I am able to offer a discount to anyone interested in trying. I hope you do! 

If you would like to receive a 10% discount on AcuMed Magnetic Patches please follow these steps before you place your first order. Steps 1-3 will only have to be completed for the first order. After your first order is placed, you can go straight to Step 4 each time.

Go to and create a new customer account.
Once you have created an account please send an email to from the same address you used to set up your account 
Copy and paste the following into the subject of the email: RunningWith, (Insert Your Full Name), Customer - Discount Request
We will send you a confirmation email once we approve your account to receive discounts. The email will be from AcuMed with the subject: Customer Discount Request Approved and Completed. Please allow us up to 3 business days to send you your approval.
You are now ready to place an order! Follow the steps below to ensure that you receive a discount.via your organization. Do not place an order by any other means, doing so will result in you not getting a discount.
Click on the following link:
Click on the “Buy Now” button and place the desired amount of boxes in the “Qty” field.
Begin the checkout process by clicking the “Checkout” button in the pop-up window.
Log in as a “Returning Customer” by entering your email and password and clicking on the “Login & Checkout” button.
Enter your billing and shipping information as necessary. Your discount will be reflected in the “Your Order” section of the final checkout page. If you do not see your discount, please contact us prior to completing your purchase. If you do see your discount click “Place Order” and your done!


  1. where can i buy these acuMed patches in the United States?

  2. Very interesting! This work is really satisfactory for us. Thanks