Wednesday, January 16, 2013

"Keep Moving Forward" and Don't Stop Dancing!

I wanted to share this short video clip I took this morning in the kitchen. It is dark and snowing, the kids have no school. I was thinking about my aching body and all the things I have to do, plus the things I wont get done because kids are home. I happened to look up at the window where I have 2  cheap dollar store "SOLAR POWERED" sunflowers. My pitiful attempt at making the kitchen not so depressing first thing in the morning. Bear with me I have a point here!


If you notice one is moving a lot, and the other..not so much. The one on the right is facing outside. The on the left is facing the kitchen. The one facing the window is dancing it's little heart out even though to MY eyes, there is clearly no sun to be seen today. Ah hah...see where I'm going with this?!

I think of us with chronic pain and how we cannot see the sun some days. We cannot feel the sun some days. It's covered by clouds, snow, or rain is blocking it out.. It's dark and cold, outside and in our heart. It's  painful and exhausting in our bones and in our daily life, and therefor we are tempted to stop moving. Stop "dancing".

Even when we can' see it, we have to have hope that things can get better and "Keep Moving Forward."
So take a lesson from a little sunflower.
Just face the sun. Face the day. Face your life. Don't turn your back on any of it because even if you can't see it with your eyes, and you may not be able to feel it on your face, the sun is there. Every day. Without fail. And if you face it, it just might help you to dance a little!