Thursday, December 8, 2011

Quick update

B12 is helping with the mental fog immensely, and i have more energy. The HTP5 is definitely helping with sleep and a little with my mood. Even when I mentally feel like I want to do nothing but sit around and be depressed the physical boost i have gets me through it. I find my self asking "why am I doing this again?" Aaand it's because I can. My body has actually said "NO" to sitting around. But it is only half hearted sometimes, I still wish to enjoy more of what I'm doing..not just doing it because it's my job, or my kids are watching.. So the last kink to work out I think is adding the Vitamin  D to help more with the depression (not too much!) and this much talked about Q10 . Because as good as I feel, that is still an issue of course. Especially my back. So although I have a lot to say I have no time and I will post again asap!


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