Tuesday, November 22, 2011

B12 to the rescue!

After much investigation and talking to multiple people, I decided to go off my meds and try the vitamin route. I have the pleasure to report I feel great. I have by no means been cured but I have had energy, less pain, and I am actually exited to do things that I have been for a long time doing reluctantly, if at all. There are better nights of sleep as well and we all know this is crutial to our well being.B12 at 10,000 mug and HTP 5 at 100 mg seem to have given me too much energy, as if there is such a thing. I was happy to feel good but then found myself frustrated with the fact that nobody could keep up with me, or talk fast enough, even that ther were not more hours in the day because there was so much I wanted to do. It was like I had been living for a year with my hands tied behind my back and someone came along and untied them.I just became frustrated at the end of the day. So I have decided to reduce my b12 to half, and see if that helps. It has been 3 days at half with the HTP 5 and I can barely tell the difference. I will try this for 2 weeks and if I'm still too amped up I will cut the HTP 5 in half as well. I am happy with the results but do not want to cause another set of problems for myself. Maybe, just maybe there will be some success with these and I wont need to spend time and money subjecting myself to the rediculous toxic effects of the prescriptions. Hopefully this is not something that I will become too tolarant of and it will stop working, but for now I am enjoying it. I think with winter approaching I will also be adding some vitamin D to the mix to further combat the depression. That in the winter is the worst. Have some hope!