Sunday, January 1, 2012

Blessed and stressed

Holidays are tricky when you have something as unpredictable as fibro. I m aware that I need to take it easy but with the ever growing list of things to do between thanksgiving and the new year it's very hard to keep a pace that will not add any unnecessary stress to my body. I'm blessed to be as mobile as I am. Many are worse off. I appreciate what I have and what I can do. But when my hands hurt cutting out snowflakes or putting together a barbie house I have a lingering worry in the back of my head about how long this will last. Hopefully the new year will bring new education, funding and treatment for all of us. Recently I read the blog of a very happy positive fellow sufferer, and although its great to be positive, just because you can do all "these" things, doesn't mean I can, and because I can do something also doesn't mean someone else should be able to either. Our conditions are relative to ourselves. If you can run a marathon with fibro good for you, but don't tell me I can. Nor do I want to! I can do today what my body will allow me to do and for now that's good enough. Happy new year everybody!!!

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