Thursday, April 26, 2012

Kids crafts today, don't feel like blogging!!!

Bad day. First in while of feeling great. Tired, headache, unmotivated, and every muscle hurts. I find my self stopping between light chores to rest and catch my breath all day. Sucks. What can you do. I have decided instead of forcing myself to write a half hearted entry and share more unnoticed information, I will use this little spurt of energy to brag a bit about my kids since I never mention them. I saw this crayon art thing on Pinterest or some other blog and decided to do it with the kids. Thae loved it it was easy and thank fully for them it didn't require me taking a trip to the store. I had previously purchased a few canvas's in attempt to resurrect my painting passion. Did'nt happen, but as a result I had extra's waiting in the bookcase to be utilized.
So duct taped the crayons to the bottom of one canvas, taped that to a second canvas, put cardboard under the project to protect the floor and handed over the hair dryer. (high heat low air or the force will spray the melting wax in every direction..unless that's the look you want) They loved it, it was easy and now we have home made art on the wall. 
We decided to hang it sideways for a little while then rotate it as we desire to change things up a bit. Next we experiment with a heart pattern and see how that comes out.

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