Friday, April 27, 2012

Really Struggling Today

I have been feeling pretty good but as expected I got slammed with pain everywhere yesterday, hence the lack of interest in writing,  and today its the same. I have one daughter home from school and one day care child and I'm feeling very resentful I just can't lay in bed all day and nurse myself. A  piece of me is happy they are here because they are forcing me to get things done and not wallow or sit in depression, but with that comes the lack of interest in anything I am doing.Bad days are here to stay, and I know good days are coming again but I'm tired of putting on the brave face even when I feel like crap.Today I just want to puts around and pout about it. I am also realizing that as much as I want to share information and experiences on this blog, I sometimes just don't have the time, energy or physical ability to. There is some guilt in that because some of these blogger that I follow are writing 2 page letters, bearing their soul, posting family pictures...and I wish I could do that, but this is what I have time for, what I have energy for and maybe later on when all kid's are in school all the time I will become a little more elaborate and exciting. No promises though.  Using my tens unit, heat patches, took a hot hot shower, repeating to myself over and over "It could be worse". After this, lunch for the kids. I may be back today if I have time.

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  1. Thanks for your posts...I am like you it could be worse. Although everyday is press, I have to press and trust God the things will be better...- looking betts than I feel ....