Wednesday, May 16, 2012

15 Things You Should Give Up To Be Happy....

I saw this this morning and after reading #1 I immediately thought "Yeah, right..that'll never happen!" But when I actually slowed down to think about the rare occasions I have done so..I did feel better. I let go of how ridiculous I thought the person was, or the "knowing" that they will find out eventually and I will be "right". It may not last but I have done it, and it works. So maybe this list isn't so bad.
I think people with chronic illness this (list) can be very difficult because we have no real control over our condition. We may manage well, but we don't control it, and some of the things on list are the way we have to feel in control of an a particular outcome, or anything that is happening to us, or around us. So I think though very hard, it's worth a try, on occasion. Because lets face it..who doesn't like to be right once in a while? Right?!

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