Wednesday, May 9, 2012

CALMARE THERAPY/ wonderful non prescription treatment!

My doctor was so kind to hook me up with one of these little machines and it's great. I put it on and walk around the house with it on the appropriate setting for that area of pain and let it do its magic. Some days it's a matter of moving it from place on my body to the next all day, and some day one time on my shoulder (or wherever) and I'm done, but it does provide relief. Cheaper than getting a massage every day!
How it works:
How it works:


  1. That is so great to hear about Calmare Therapy.

    I am getting ready to see Dr. Cooney to undergo 10 treatments in NJ. I have Fibro/RSD in both ankles and left foot. When I met with him, he performed a treatment then and there (for free, no less :) I felt a warm feeling in the pain area, think tingling. AFter about 50 minutes, I felt about 40% less pain. A day later, my pain was back but not nearly as strong as it's been for the past year+ (fell getting mail in front of my house...

    I have nothing to lose here. Refuse to increase my pain meds and no one is going to open up my spine, thank you very much.

    Will let you know what happens but I have a good feeling after everything i've read.

    1. Wondering how it has been going? Has it helped and have you kept up with it?

  2. Nice blog post for CALMARE THERAPY. One more option is Calmare Pain Relief .

  3. Thanks! I will check it out. I have a tens unit and it has been a life saver far. I highly recommend it!

  4. Please understand that Calmare Pain Therapy and TENS have nothing at all in common except they both use electrical current. The Calmare works with the C-fibers in the nerve and the TENS works with the Alpha and Delta fibers. That is why TENS is temporary and Calmare is long lasting.