Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Supermoon Saturday!

So what's all the hype HYPE about? A perigee full moon brings with it extra-high "perigean tides," but this is nothing like the natural disasters predicted by Internet doomsayers, ie The Japan Earthquake maybe, and maybe not March 11 not a supermoon. But there has long been discussion weather or not the moon cycles have an effect on depression, pms, mental stability and more. Ever heard people joke "oh it must be a full moon" simply because of all the strange goings on?How about "the full moon brings out all the crazies"? The term Lunatic is derived from the word Lunar (Moon) Do Full Moons Make People Crazy?

One theory: Just about all the air you breathe has some ions that are negatively charged and some positively charged. If you breathe large amounts of positive ions without an equal amount of negative ions, you will actually become lethargic and in some cases sick (high positive ion concentrations in the air are associated with the full moon). 75% of the general population react favorably to negative ions but are adversely affected by positive ions, while the other 25% react in the opposite way, finding higher positive ion days "euphoric", and higher negative ion days just a little bit boring. These people compensate for the stress caused by positive ions with sufficient adrenaline production.In other words, 75% of the general population goes into different ranges of depression and 25% become hyperactive. We are all affected somewhat by higher positive ion ratios. There are no side effects from negative ions.

Also Psychology Today has stated that 81 percent of mental health professionals believe that lunar cycles affect human behavior.

That being said, You are the best judge.If you are superstitious or notice a change in the past during a regular full moon, take care. Maybe stay home, relax with a movie and some green tea. Try not to be around anyone you know to be stressful or confrontational. Don't take on any extra work at your job or additional emotional baggage from friends or family (until after Sunday anyway!). All of which can be hard to do or not do, but your well being is a steak. Get on the treadmill for 20 minutes (even just WALKING) Saturday and/or Sunday sometime, kick up those endorphin levels, keep your lights on so your not sitting in the dark and give yourself a chance not to succumb to the emotional tidal wave that accompanies this Supermoon. I for one will be distracting myself with scrapbooking on Saturday, and then I have The Walk For Hunger on Sunday so I believe I have a good chance of not sitting around feeling lousy. I'll save that for Monday!

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