Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Latest Breakthrough in the cause of Fibromyalgia? I hope so!!

This has been all the buzz lately. I know we are tired of hearing about how there is always a breakthrough, new study or new research. We hope, we wait, we read, we educate ourselves and most importantly, we get our hopes up.This new one is promising. I would like this to be replicated in a number of studies in a number of different countries so we can see all the results across the board BUT I will say that it looks promising. It makes sense to me that if touch, through the hands as well as other area of the body can reduce and some times eliminate pain (the most popular examples of this are of course massage and acupressure), it is therefore pretty logical that same pathways, rather the disruption of the pathways, can create pain. And not just in the hands because there are plenty of us who have no issues with our hands, or very few compared to whats going on the rest of our bodies.

The idea being that the idea is that there are an excessive amounts of a type of nerve fiber (AV shunts) in patients with Fibro. More than a person without. That the blood flow is being mismanaged by the blood vessel endings contributing to our conscious sense of touch and pain. In a nut shell.
I am hopeful there will be further advances with this finding and a comprehensive treatment plan can begin the be developed because we are all suffering while we wait.

 Of course now there will also be the ability to weed out who has fibro and has been misdiagnosed and although there will be some frustration in having been treating your symptoms as if they were fibro when it really wasn't..in the end it's better to find out for sure and have a true diagnosis and be able to move forward. I am hoping that we can have some great results with something a small and cost effective as hand massage or hand reflexology instead of lengthy expensive testing, biopsies and the like. Well, one can hope can't she?



  1. I do to but it's still seems a long way off. All our symptoms very so much, and so many of us end up having so many other overlapping conditions that even if they find something effective it may not be effective for everyone and we will still have a mystery to solve with a lot of hard hard work, trial and error ahead. But I am hopeful regardless.