Saturday, December 6, 2014


Everyone has a list at this time of the year of how to "survive" the holidays. I had to put my two cents in as well.
Most of these are self explanatory and with a bad case of fibro fog I know you can still find a way to utilize some of these suggestions.

Plan Ahead
As much as possible and make everyone aware of your plans to reduce the amount of last minute changes placed upon you.

Say No
Say no to anything that even LOOKS like it might cause pain, stress, fatigue or an additional burden in any way whatsoever! Do not extend yourself past your limit, even if you are used to doing so. Say no to last minute company, or to company staying too long. Say no to long drives and extra shopping trips. You can nicely set limits by simply saying you already have too much to do (even when you don't!) and you don't want to disappoint anyone by dropping the ball with something important. Stress can elevate your FMS or ME/CFS symptoms

Rest every chance you get. Even if you think you should be doing something. Lets face it, you are ALWAYS going to feel like you should be doing something so take the time for yourself NOW. You can tell people which day you are  busy so don't call or stop by, you won't be able to do anything. 

Keep Things Quiet
Avoid over-stimulation from external sources. Ask (really tell) the kids they need to keep the volume down, keep holiday music down low or take a break from it all together. You can mute the commercials when watching t.v., turn the ringer off on the phone, set the cell to "do not disturb" for a few hours and just take a few quiet moments to clear your mind. 

Ask For Help 
I know this is going to make a lot of people laugh because quite frankly, a lot of us have no one to ask for help anyway.
BUT IF YOU CAN, ask for help. If there's an errand, some cooking, or someone to take your kids to pick out present for the grandparents, go ahead and ask. Surprisingly, people don't mind helping out and even enjoy it. You can fill your emotional tank with companionship and conversation while you have someone along side you helping. 

Shop From Home
Shop on line and over the phone as much as possible. So many places do free shipping around the holidays it's not always an added expense. You can have gifts delivered directly to you recipient so you don't have to do any wrapping, addressing or take any trips to the post office. You may even have a supermarket nearby that delivers groceries and that's not just  for "rich" people. All the markets in my area who do home delivery are all just between $5 and $10. Eliminating some stress and fatigue can help keep your immune system strong. 

Only send out the most important cards, not to all 50 friends and family. Use gift bags instead of wrapping everything. Only decorate the room/rooms in which there will be guests and not the entire house. Remember to have fun, relax and enjoy every good thing about the holiday whatever that means for you. Holidays don't need to be about stress. Take this opportunity to fill your tank with the love from everyone around you. If you have a plan and stick to it it really can be "The Most Wonderful Time of the Year"! 

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