Friday, January 9, 2015

I Love the Cold, said This Fibro Patient Never!

Yesterday feeling like the "master" of my body decided to NOT work out after 2 hard days of insanitary in a row. I can feel the signs and even though every type A bone in my body want's to push through and act like I am "fine", I am getting better at holding that back.  Good for me right? I still had to work an hour with my 11 year old because school was cancelled. It was too cold..go figure.

That fractured my attention span into a few pieces and made work a little scattered and stressed.  But I survived. I ate a healthy lunch, rested, chilled with my girl..
Well, late in the day on the way to bring kids to dance I saw my gas light was on, and had been on...(for a while apparently). I am talking BELOW the last line.
 I was driving on less than fumes. I pulled into the gas station..and of course I had NO forms of cash/cards on me whatsoever. 
Trying to be comfy and get out of "real" clothes and into sweats, everything was home......I made it to dance, called hubby and he would come with the gas card. I had to wait an hour for dance to finish anyway. 
No gas in the car means I couldn't leave the car running, so no heat. No heat on a day when school was cancelled because it was so cold! Awesome. At the 45 minute mark the pain in my back was excruciating, every muscle tense and my neck so stiff it felt like my skull weighed 200 pounds resting on it.  There are NO words for what I was feeling so let me give you this visual...

I fidgeted, twisted and turned, wrapped up in everything that was available in the car and I was almost in tears...then my husband pulled up. We switched cars so I could sit in the heat while he took my van to get gas.

 It felt so good. I felt like I was thawing out, slowly. My bones still ached and it still hurt but felt good at the same time. 
Fast forward to 2 hours after I'm home...Everything still hurt. It made me nauseous, dizzy, extremely fatigued and my head was pounding.  Warming up was not the end. It was temporary. I wasn't cold anymore but the pain never really left. I went to bed to lay down a few hours earlier than normal because even standing and sitting put too much pressure on my spine. It lasted all night. Sleeping was awful and getting out of bed today was like many other days. It was slow, painful and walking resembled that of an ape. Today was going to be a day of working out and cleaning but looks as though its downtime again. Maybe some light stretching. 

Thank you  cold intolerance and thank you sensory issues said no one ever!


  1. You might be surprised - there's some doctor claiming that sub-freezing temps helps Fibro (via cryotherapy), I posted it on my Facebook page and was surprised that there were a couple of people who said they do prefer the cold. I'm with you, the cold can bite it!

  2. It has been consistently below zero temps for several days here in Maine. The cold has seeped into my bones . I guess it doesn't help that the snow is up to the windows and there is no more room for any more snow.
    This has been on hard winter for New England!

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    1. Thank you I love getting feedback, its very helpful. Although I am guilty of doing a ot of reading and leaving no comments myself, I am trying to get better! Thanks again!!

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  5. Great and easy-to-understand tutorial, thnx!


  6. Love the visual for the spine pain! HA! I'd like to laminate a card size pic of it to show when people ask me how I'm feeling some days. A picture is worth a thousand words they say.
    Don't get me wrong. I love that people care and ask how I'm feeling but I can appreciate that they really don't want to hear me wine / rant and, frankly, neither do I. But sometimes trying to explain our pain can sound like that's what we're doing. No wonder we often just say, "I'm fine." I'd love to put the pic on my blog, ORRdinary (just got it going last month)
    Can anyone tell me how to do that?? Take Care.. ORRdinary Me