Monday, April 23, 2012

AdreCore/Avipaxin! Hope or fools gold?

Acupuncture Good for Fibro?
I have not tried this yet but I fully intend to. There is a place I drive by 2 times a week on the way to my kids dance school, big tempting sign, looks legeit and I am always curious. I read a lot and have heard that it's been helpful for Fibro but alas, everyone has something that works, which does not for others. Insurance doesn't cover it (not mine anyway) and it's a pretty expensive treatment so it's a big commitment. Especially when having to go more than once.So I will still think about it.....

So on to my update
I have just started supplements last Friday per my awesome doctor and I am hopeful.

5HTP and Vitamin D that I was already on I am to continue. I did find some more energy and less fatigue with the two alone but not much. Apparently all of these together in combination for about 16 weeks will kick my adrenal fatigue/failure into the past. Sleep better, lose weight easier, have less pain and inflammation, help with my mood and depression..among other things. The first day I took as directed. Sort of. I was told between 1 to 3 with breakfast and again with lunch. (Avapaxin & AdreCor). The 5HTP an hour before bed. The next morning I had a "hangover" feeling. I grabbed some water took my 2 supplements with breakfast and became very very dizzy, nauseous, my head hurt and I thought if I moved at all in any direction I would certainly throw up if not have my head explode. I can only guess this was a combination of the new supplements and walking around in the sun all day and drinking no water the day before. Actually everyday that week I was outside hiking biking or doing something the required physical exertion. I just finally crashed. Did to much which is often the way with a type A personality. So after being in bed all day I had time to think. I have decided to start off with the low dose of 1 for about a week, then up it back to 2 (the recommendation on every site I read). And also the 5HTP a little more than an hour before bed. I have read quite a few people said they could tell right away, as far back as 2010, so I am hopeful. I want to say I feel better slightly already but I'm just not certain yet. Maybe when I'm up to 2 two times a day It will be more visible. Any relief at this point would be a blessing. After a million scrips for poison what can it hurt?!  I am exercising, eating right, cut out about everything bad environmentally in the house (still working on my husband about the carpet) so this is really my last hope. To lessen if not be rid of the fog, the stress and the pain that unexpectedly lays me out like a pancake...oh happy day for everyone in this house!

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