Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Ditch the caffeine!

Something simple to google while on your computer. Some people have not even really attempted to change their diet and I am finding that is key. Every book, site, doctor, article and many of the bloggers have all expressed how important it is to get rid of the caffeine, alcohol, additives, etc.400 mg of caffeine can reak havoc on your adrenals as well as other issues it causes. I was addicted to it for the last 27 years. If I can kick it anyone can.If you must have caffeine to aid in your workout you really need about 160mg about 45 minutes prior to. So you don't have to quit, just cut back. Baby steps...Alcohol, it can lead to inflammation and exacerbate your fibro symptoms! I know first hand changing all these things has many health benefits, I have done it and I have seen the results. This is not me assuming that it is as simple as that, not for me, or I would guess most people.But for some it has been. All it took was a diet change and they say they are living symptom free. Well great, for them. I wouldn't wish this on anyone. But that being said, some have changed the diet and incorporated exercise and have not really seen much improvement. Alas right now I am in the middle of the road. Some improvement with diet change and exercise. While waiting on more test results I have learned I am deficient in Vitamin D which I suspected all along. That was a supplement I was taking but stopped for all this testing. I needed a clear result to get the true picture of what is happening my body on a regular basis. Tomorrow I receive my plan of action from my wonderful doctor and have more on that. But  think about taking some of these things out of your diet if you haven't already, even for a few weeks to see if it makes a difference. Even if the symptoms don't subside, you are adding years on to life eating healthier food and cleaning the toxins out of your body.  And I know you are worth it!
Caffeine Addiction

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