Saturday, September 21, 2013

Make a Small Change. You Will Not Die!!

I have to remind you guys how important it is to take care of these fragile bodies we have. Just like dominoes, when one thing gets unbalanced, so does another and another and before we know it we don't know where to start, what is wrong, or why it is happening. For some it may be walking 15 minutes instead of 10. Others may need to cut back on the coffee or sweets. Some may really need to take 30 minutes to try to learn or perfect meditation. And maybe its more (organic!) fruits and veggies?!

But if you think deeply and honestly for just a few minutes I think you can see one or more places that you can make a little change. A change that may really pay off in the long run.

 YOU wont die with one less trip through the drive thru, or less sugar in your tea. You wont die if you add 2 minutes to your normal exercise or stretching routine.Just try it. Find something. Give it some time and see if it helps. If not, try something else. We cant pick up one random card and expect it to make a full deck but at least you are being proactive. At least it's one step in taking some control back and you have to feel good about that. Being positive is less exhausting than being negative and lets face know you are exhausted enough already!